8 Things to Look for When You Rent an Apartment

Apartment hunting, especially for your very first apartment is so exciting! You dream of staying up late, eating Oreos for breakfast, and living the life of luxury without anybody telling you what to do.  While you go through the process of finding apartments, keep these 8 things in mind.

  1. Price and location
    The location should be central to where you work, and go to school. The last thing you want is to live in one part of town and have to take an hour long bus to get to work every day or take multiple buses to get to school.
    PS did you know you can negotiate a different price for rent?  Sometimes, especially in a smaller building or in a house you can get up to $100 off your rent.  Remember, this is a mutually beneficial situation.
    Price and location
  2. Odor
    You want to notice any strong odors, whether it be the smell of stale smoke, strong cleaning products or food smells. Strong smells rarely go away, especially if you have a neighbor that enjoys cooking curry on the regular and you aren’t a fan.
  3. Check the water Pressure, and see if the water has any odor or discoloration
    Turn on the taps, flush the toilets, look for any discoloration, weak water pressure, and odors coming from the taps
    Water Pressure, odor, discoloration
  4. How long has the apartment been vacant?
    If it has been vacant for a while there may be a reason. Is it a bad area? Is the rent high? Or maybe the landlord has just been picky about who they rent to.
    How long has the apartment been vacant?
  5. Has it been or will it be freshly painted before you move in? What about carpets being cleaned?
    Always ask this if it doesn’t look like it’s been done.  You don’t want to move into someone else’s dirt.  Plus, if you are paying a damage deposit, you deserve a clean slate.  Speaking of, find out what happens to your damage deposit if you move out.  Some landlords return the full amount when you move out while others charge a cleaning fee when you leave regardless of how clean the apartment is.
    Has it been or will it be freshly painted before you move in? What about carpets
  6. Look at the counter and cupboard space (and closet space)
    If you are following my blog you will want ample space to cook, and don’t forget when you do dishes (if you don’t have a dishwasher) that you’ll need a spot for a drying rack.
    Remember the bedrooms, if you have a lot of clothes you’ll want to make sure you have ample closet space to hold everything.
    Small Kitchen
  7. Take a friend or family member with you
    Especially someone who has lived in an apartment, they may see something you don’t.
    Take a friend or family member with you
  8. Do a quick Google search of the address
    Bedbugpestcontrol.com is a map of everywhere that has had bed bugs. A little bit of research can go a long way.

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