The Cleaning Series: 5 Tips To Get A Cleaner Bathroom

I’m not going to tell you that you need to clean your shower once a week or that when you are cleaning your mirrors you should clean in a circular motion.  Everybody cleans a little different and if you have found a way to clean that is sufficient for you I will fully support that.  What I am going to offer you is some tips that I think about whenever I am cleaning a bathroom.

I’ll be honest with you, I try to clean my bathroom once a week, it doesn’t always happen!  Sometimes I can get to it every 3 or 4 days, or sometimes I have to stop and think about the last time I cleaned the toilet.  Gross I know – but we all get busy.  I can tell you though that if you call me 10 minutes before you come over, it’s the one room I make sure is clean.

Cleaning Tip # 1:

Empty the room out (take everything out of the shower, remove the garbage can, clean off the counter).  It is much easier to clean the room when it’s empty.  Also, this way you can wipe everything down as you put it back in the room and get rid of anything that is empty, like that shampoo bottle you’ve been holding onto.

Cleaning Tip # 2:

Start with the cleanest area first.  When I clean my bathroom, I like to spray everything down starting with the dirtiest, in my house I would spray the toilet, tub, then the sink.  When I go to wipe everything down I work in reverse.  This gives the cleaner a little extra time on the grime.

Cleaning Tip # 3:

When you are done cleaning the bathroom sit on your toilet and have a look around.  This is generally the only spot guests spend any amount of time.  If you can see dirt or grime so can they.

Cleaning Tip # 4:

Some places to remember to clean

1 – the drain – especially if there are any females in your house

2 – The lightswitch – some people don’t wash their hands when they are done using the washroom.

3 – Speaking of not washing hands – better wipe down the doorknobs too

4 – The walls – I like to take a dry Swiffer or broom and do a quick wipe down of the walls.

Cleaning Tip #5:

Don’t forget to put clean towels out, people need a place to dry their hands.

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