5 Places to Clean in Your Living Room

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends and Family.  It’s been really busy here preparing for a family turkey dinner.  Having people over usually means I spend an entire day running around the house picking up something to put away and before I can put said item away I find something else that needs to be done first.  It’s a vicious cycle where at the end of the day I am exhausted and nothing has been done.

So I decided to get organized, and start with one room at a time.  I start with the bathrooms as they usually don’t take very long and move onto the common living areas (living room, dining room, kitchen) and finally the bedrooms last.

While cleaning the living room I realized how dusty and dirty it was so I thought I’d do up a list of the 5 places you should be cleaning in your living room.

Number 1: Your lamps/light fixtures

Seriously – when was the last time you cleaned them?  If you have lamps with a shade on it grab the pressurized air in a can and use that to blow out the dust.

Number 2: The back of your TV

I almost always forget about this space when I’m doing my general dusting.  It gets pretty dusty back there.

Number 3: Between the couch cushions

Clean this space especially if you have a pet.  I had enough hair to make a whole new dog and it really hasn’t been that long since I cleaned the couch.

Number 4: Radiators or heating vents

Whatever is used to heat the room could use a good clean too.  If you have vents, grab a vacuum and suck away that dirt.  If you have electric heat that uses the long radiators you can take them apart and use the air in a can to blow out anything you can’t reach.

Number 5: Curtains and Curtain Rods

Curtains, Blinds, Curtain Rods.  That whole ensemble or privacy screening from your nosy neighbor needs to be cleaned.  If you have blinds it is time consuming but so worth it, especially when you think of what dust actually is.  If you don’t know – go ahead and google it.

**Bonus** Number 6: The Tops of Wall Art

Dust the top of picture frames or anything hanging on the wall, you may also want to dust behind it.

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