Creamy Alfredo Sauce

Anyone who has ever been to my house for a meal or two has more than likely had some variation of pasta.  I love it!  I could eat pasta 6 days a week, unfortunately, the scale usually reminds me that I need to eat other foods too *dramatic eye roll*

The best thing about having friends over for dinner and serving pasta, I can get rid of all the foods that are about to go bad that I know I won’t be able to eat by myself before I have to throw them out.  Sorry to my friends, I regularly use you all to clean out my fridge!

A creamy alfredo sauce is really easy and you can add other ingredients to it to make it a completely different dish.

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Recipe Card Book

I was feeling a little crafty today so I thought I’d Finally get around to making a recipe card book.
I wanted something quick, easy, and functional. I would say Mission Accomplished!!



Want one too?

Here are the 4 steps i took to make one


Step 1:

Gather your supplies:

Single hole punch

Index cards

Colored paper cut to a little larger than the index cards

Key ring


Step 2:

Use the colored paper to create sections  or categories for your recipes



Step 3:

Write out your recipes on the index cards

(I only ever take the time to write out recipes I have tried and really like.)


Step 4:

Assemble and hang on the inside of your cupboard door.